Veteran console games developer Jamie Kenyon

Welcome to Zerocrunch, the blog and showcase of Jamie Kenyon, a developer in the video games console industry.

Starting his career at SCEE, he graduated Playstation 2 University, specialising in VU code optimisation. He has developed games on every Sony console since then.

Over 15 years experience writing graphics engines and games logic for video games consoles.
Contact me if you're interested in hiring me.


Some screenshots and links to some of the games I've worked on over the years. Brian Blessed was a voice actor on InviZimals: The Lost Kingom - that was mental. My first game since leaving SCEE, Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party, won a BAFTA back in 2007.

Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble
InviZimals: The Lost Kingdom
Buzz! Junior: Robo Jam
Disney's Th!nk Fast
Buzz! Junior: Jungle Party

About Me

I enjoy using modern technology to develop the best possible gaming graphics, no matter whether it requires creating a custom shader, digging deep into a rendering pipeline or writing my own engine.

There is no part of the game development pipeline that I have not touched and while every aspect of it is fun, I particlularly enjoy graphics, animation and gameplay programming .


Feel free to contact me about graphics/game programming or work opportunities in Manchester. Unfortunately, I'm not available for contract work. I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR WEB DESIGN / SSO "SERVICES"!